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Quest Legal Advocates would be delighted to receive applications from BPTC students or graduates who expect to attain or have attained a Very Competent classification or higher or  LPC students or graduates  who expect to attain or have attained a Commendation classification or higher.  We look for candidates who will be committed to providing a high quality, professional and personable service to our extensive and diverse client base.

You can expect to operate as a self-employed advocate appearing in court as a solicitor’s agent or lay representative. We aim to provide quality work to our advocates. The workload is interesting and varied.

You can expect to gain fantastic court experience, client handling skills and great insight into a self-employed career. This will enable you to develop time management skills, earn a competitive income and further develop the ability to strike a work/life balance.

Quest Legal Advocates can, if necessary, accommodate flexible working arrangements so that you can manage other commitments.

The Application Process


Submit your C.V. together with a covering letter to


You will receive a problem question to answer and send back to us. This will assess your general written skills and factual and legal analysis.


If you are successful at the problem question, we will ask you to interview. Here we will assess your oral and personal presentation skills. It also gives you an opportunity to meet the management team.


Once you have been successful at interview, a detailed training programme begins which is designed to prepare you for undertaking your first case.

First you will need to read and digest a large volume of written materials which are designed to furnish you with the requisite knowledge about the applicable law and civil procedure for the cases you will eventually undertake. You will start to gain an insight into the most effective ways of conducting your practice through a variety of practical examples and guidance.

You will need to work hard to master the written materials. You will be expected to complete a number of tests based upon their content. The knowledge you gain will form the foundation of your future training and your eventual success as an advocate.

You will then proceed to one-to-one training with a senior member of the management team. This is designed to assess your progress so far and provide you with feedback and further practical guidance.

As you undertake your first hearings, you will be in close communication with the management team during your preparation and conduct of them. Full support will be provided to you at all times to ensure that your first appearances in court run smoothly and successfully.

As your practice begins to grow, your performance and progress will continue to be monitored. This is done both to ensure that you are provided with the necessary support and guidance and to identify the most promising advocates. We invite such advocates to undertake further training enabling them to conduct more complex cases.