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Small Claims Track Hearings

Small Claims Track Hearings are undertaken by our more experienced advocates. This reflects the relative complexity of such hearings and the need for a wide range of skills in order successfully to conduct them.

The cases which our advocates undertake involve road traffic accidents and the losses arising from them, including claims for credit hire.

The advocates are skilled at establishing a rapport with lay clients and communicating effectively with them. This facilitates the lay client being less intimidated by the prospect of giving evidence and ensures that they are able to do so effectively.

The bespoke training which our advocates receive means that they are adept at case analysis, fact management, witness handling and submissions. The lay client’s case is persuasively presented to maximise the prospects of success.

All advocates are well-versed in the unique costs provisions applicable to Small Claims Track Hearings.


Infant Approval Hearings

Our advocates undertake infant settlement approval hearings as a routine part of their day-to-day practice. Whilst such hearings comprise a significant proportion of their work, our advocates never lose sight of the fact that each case is unique, presents its own challenges and is of great importance to both their professional and lay clients.

The training which all advocates receive ensures that they are fully versed in all aspects of the relevant procedures applicable in such hearings, including the practice and investment mechanisms in operation at the Court Funds Office. The lay client is accordingly provided with a knowledgeable and personable service which helps them navigate through the process.


Interim Hearings

Our advocates receive instructions in a wide range of interlocutory hearings in both Fast Track and Multi Track cases. Most commonly, such hearings involve:

  • Applications to Come Off Record
  • Pre-Action Disclosure Applications
  • Applications to Set Aside Default Judgement
  • Fast Track Case Management Conferences

Such cases are allocated to advocates of appropriate experience depending upon their complexity.

All advocates who undertake interlocutory applications are thoroughly familiar with the relevant parts of the Civil Procedure Rules and are comfortable in dealing with the costs arguments to which such applications often give rise.


Quest Legal Advocates offer a drafting service which provides solicitors with professionally-written draft advices on quantum for the purposes of infant settlement approval hearings.

These advices are detailed and fully reasoned and include the necessary references both to the Judicial College Guidelines and to comparator quantum cases.

The service is aimed at increasing the efficiency and profitability of this aspect of solicitors’ work by enabling them to outsource the drafting work and to do so at a competitive price.

The service is efficient – instructions are completed and returned within 14 days.

The responsibility for checking, approving and signing the draft advice remains with the instructing solicitor. Our clients have found that utilising the drafting service saves them both time and money and improves the efficiency and profitability of their workflow.