Drafting Services

Quest Legal Advocates provide a high quality drafting service. Our drafting team present concise and professional documents.

Quantum Advices

Quest’s experienced drafting team provide draft quantum advices to our solicitor clients for infant approval hearings.

This service has proven particularly popular due to the high quality and accuracy of our drafted documents.  Using our drafting service facilitates significant costs retention.

Our drafting team carefully review all relevant documents before setting out the factual circumstances and medical evidence in a clear and concise manner.  The advices refer to the most recent Judicial College Guidelines and utilise comparator cases to provide a thorough and persuasive final draft.

We appreciate the need for swift completion of these instructions and aim to provide the draft advice within 5 working days.

For further information about our drafting service please contact our office on 0161 234 6507 or email instructions@questlegaladvocates.com


Other Drafting Services

Quest Legal Advocates can also offer bespoke drafting services, for example drafting particulars of claim, in certain circumstances.

To discuss further please contact our office on 0161 234 6507 and ask to speak to a member of our drafting team.